June 10, 2017 Miles hiked - 11.9 For the record this has been by far my favourite day on the trail! We started it out right with bacon and egg breakfast sandwiches made by our trail angels. As well as bananas... they had soooo many bananas!  We were headed for Grayson Highlands today. This is … Continue reading BEST DAY! 

Meet our new gang

June 4, 2017 Miles hiked - 11.4 Today's hike was pretty easy. The terrain was definitely the flattest it's been so far making the miles seem to fly by for me. For Tiger on the other hand, the miles were not flying. Even though it wasn't physically too difficult the mental side was getting to … Continue reading Meet our new gang

Thumbs Out

May 29, 2017 Miles hiked - 11.1 This morning's fog has given me some of my favourite pictures on the trail so far.  I think the fog also made my climbs seem easier because I couldn't see how much further up I needed to go. Apparently there were supposed to be a lot of false … Continue reading Thumbs Out

Slip & Slide

May 26, 2017 Miles hiked - 9.5 As excited as I was to get back on the trail I knew it would be difficult. All of my trail family members were ahead of me so I'd be starting solo once again. Luckily Tiger was just over 20 miles ahead. I have a lot of catching … Continue reading Slip & Slide